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Top 10 Benefits of Meditation on Health & Brain

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Many medical experts have accepted the healing reflection of mediation on health, body and brain. Actually, relaxation and meditation is powerful to soothe mental problems like stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and many more. It is also adding to prescribed medical care by experts to control diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, cholesterol, rheumatoid and other many medical conditions.

Why Should You Practice Meditation
(Benefits of Meditation on Health, Body &Brain):

There’s been a many research on the connection between meditations and brain. There is coming out new positive benefits every upcoming week to practice meditation more.

Benefits of Meditation on HealthToday, I am going to describe 10 benefits to try meditation at your home to fight health and brain   problems.

1. Prevents Aging Brain:

A study of UCLA proved that continuing mediators suffer less memory and brain functionality, longevity problem than the non-mediators. A person who has been meditating for 20 years is prone to grey volume throughout the brain. Though, younger mediators have less volume loss than the older mediators.

2. Fights Stress and Negative Emotions:

Many studies have shown that meditation helps to reduce higher level of stress. If you have many negative experiences in your life, you must find a natural way of meditation. In a particular way, Mindfulness meditation might help you to deal with mental stress. But the researchers say that there is needed more studies on how meditation lead to positive attitude.

3. Benefits Heart and Other Body Parts:

Medicating practice is able to lessen high blood pressure. It also gives a healthy heart rate. So, you get a better body functioning to process the proper oxygen circulation you need at a particular time. American Heart Association exclaimed, meditation can also reduce the stress hormones level which is liable to create inflammation and other body problems.

4. Boost Immune System:

People who meditated shows increased level of left side brain activity. Actually, the higher level of left-side brain activity means higher level of immune system. In a meanwhile, they produce powerful immunity system along with flu-fighting anti-bodies.

5. Stops Genetic Damage:

A study on cancer survivors revealed that meditation increased telomere length. Telomeres are protein complexes to protect genes from damaging. Else, lesser telomeres length also causes other health diseases. Researchers claimed that reducing stress level may helps to grow enzymes that extended telomeres level.

6. Boosts Memory Power:

To have well developed and powerful brain you must do meditate. Researchers say, mediators have unique brain power than the non-mediators. Actually, they have better awareness to control their emotion and failure in life.

7. Reduces Anxiety:

Many people are heading to meditations for its benefits to reduce anxiety level. This is unbeatable to cut off anxiety at extent level. A recent study found that meditation effect size was 0.3 while the antidepressants size is also 0.3. So, it’s very clear that you can get the medicine’s effects by doing only meditations. Many people think meditations is just sitting down by doing nothing. But, “No”, meditation is increasing awareness mind training. It keeps your brain active. It isn’t a magic bullet to remove anxiety but it has some soothing power that gives relieves from the symptoms of anxiety.

8. Increases Attention & Concentration:

Probably, every people face problems to concentrate sometimes. Actually, older people tend to forget easily and early. Surprisingly, one of the major benefits of mindfulness is improves attention. A study confirms couple of weeks practicing meditations can help to focusing attention. It’s a great thing that science has confirmed that it also help cognitive skills on the job.

9. Helps With Addictions:

If you want to gain self control region of your brain then you must try mindfulness. It is very much helpful to recover from multiple type addictions. People who got trained mindfulness tend to quit smoking. Actually, meditation destroys the state of craving for smoking. There are other researches that found meditations also deal with other addictions.

10. Helps School Kids:

Meditations and yoga builds brain activity in kids and more promising than kids. That’s why nowadays every single institution is interested to start yoga and mindfulness to develop their student’s mind. Even some schools has daily academic schedule to medicate.

So, are you thinking, “Is it a worth to try?” There are a lot of evidences and benefits gained people who have practiced meditations. If you have set your mind to start mindfulness then select a place where you can comfortably sit. It’s just a matter of a couple of minutes and you can get healthy body and better brain activity.

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