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Amazing Health Benefits of Spring Onions

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Premature stage of onions is known as spring onions. It is also known as green onions, green leaves of onion scallions and onion leaves. They have less taste and flavor than onions. People who are passionate about cooking are very fond of this immature onion for its fresh flavor and aroma. Earlier, it was only harvested in central Asia region but it is now being cultivated in Europe, America and Asia largely. It was first produced in china, 5000 years ago. Moreover, it was devoted by Missourian because they considered it as the “Symbol of the World”.

I found its use mostly in the Chinese or continental foods. Spring onions effectively increase taste of the curries, noodles, soups, vegetables and many other dishes.

Health Benefits of Spring Onions

Spring onions have Thiamin, Vitamin B12 & C. Else, its white bulb contains Vitamin K & A. Manganese, Magnesium, Copper, Chromium, Folic acid, Riboflavin, Niacin and Phosphorus enriched spring onions are highly beneficial for health.Health Benefits of Spring Onions

Let’s know some of its health benefits.

1. Reduce Blood Sugar:

Spring onions work more effectively for health than its taste and aroma. It has natural allyl propyl disulphide which reduces glucose rate from blood. They also increase the tolerance level of glucose. So, it can be an ideal food for your daily life if you’re diabetic.

2. Prevent Cardiovascular Risks:

Its allicin reduce stiffness from blood vessel by removing nitric oxide. So, it ensures a balance blood pressure. It also slow up platelet set formation. In a meanwhile, their fibrinolytic actions in the blood vessels maintain cardiovascular system and reduce risks of stroke. Else anti-oxidants of these green onions works against free radicals and prevent the damage of DNA and tissues.

3. Release Nasal Congestion:

They have got anti-bacterial and anti-viral elements. They are quite effective to cure viral infection, cold, flu and nasal congestion. Mash some green leafy onions and apply the juice on a cloth to wet and hold before the nose. It will help to get rid of the runny nasal.

4. Maintain Eyes Health:

Spring onions maintain superior health of eyes because it has lutein, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. These elements are highly effective for better eye health. Else, you can get Vitamin A from this which helps to give better eyesight and prevent age related macular deterioration.

5. Prevent Cancer Risks:

It has two cancer preventive compounds called allyl sulphaid and flavonoid. Allyl sulphaid can reduce the risk of colon cancer. A research of Asia Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention edited in July to September 2004 edition that daily eating of Allium vegetables can reduce the chance of different kinds of cancer.

6. Fight Against Infection:

Silphia of this green vegetable stops fungal formation. It has vitamin K which helps to stiff blood. Else, its vitamin c prevents damage of tissues. Vitamin B1 of it reduces tiredness from body.

7. Prevent Stomach Diseases:

Spring onions are effective to solve gastro intestinal. It can easily prevent stomach complication and diarrhea. It cures indigestion problems and increases cravings.

8. Strengthen Bones:

Vitamin C & K plays a vital role to build up and strengthen bones. You can get these vitamins easily from green onions. Vitamin C stronger bones while vitamin k increase bones density.

It is also a great aid for weight loses. Anti-oxidants of spring onions help to get rid of wrinkles. Arthritis, asthma and many other health concerns are effectively cured by scallions. So, add them in your daily meal and enjoy the nice taste along with many health benefits.

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